Secrets to Facebook Advertising

Growth Marketing Agency was born in 2016 with a simple ethos, to help brands scale sales and revenue. We started as a Facebook Advertising Agency however through a combination of evolving markets and customer demand, we have morphed into a full service digital advertising agency.

We’ve outlined below, several of our juicy secrets which if applied, should help any business achieve improved campaign performance.


Facebook & Instagram advertising should focus around a strategy designed to achieve a pre-determined goal i.e. a conversion. This is the starting point for all ads with each part of the campaign broken down, analysed and mapped out. A strategy we use within the agency is to reverse engineer a conversion placing ourselves in the position of the customer to imagine what triggers would be required to initially click on the ad from the copy and creative, right through to converting from the landing page and checkout process.

The overriding strategy forms the basis for each campaign and adset.

Sales Funnel

Work out the funnel or customer journey required to achieve the desired action. Funnels will vary depending upon the product and importantly the price point i.e. a “Free Trial” or “Free + Shipping” offer will be a much shorter funnel compared to a £499 course which is a considered purchase requiring multiple levels/stages to the funnel.

Your funnel will help shape the advertising campaigns and ad sets required to complete the conversion. Remember, the more expensive the product, the longer the funnel.


Retargeting is the key to ecommerce sales as we know in most cases, customers don’t purchase on the first view of an ad but across multiple touch points and devices. Retargeting should be done dynamically using information from the Facebook pixel combined with retargeting based on engagement. There’s lots of options on this and its something we will dig deeper in to in future blogs.


Advertising creative is often referred to as the “Thumb stopper”, a piece of creative which catches the eye and stops the user scrolling through their feed or story. Ad copy is becoming less relevant as consumers are drawn to the creative and call to action. With this in mind, shape your creative to stand out in the feed by using distinct colours, or creative use of imagery while avoiding basic, plain image shots on white backgrounds.

Ad creative should also be updated regularly to avoid burn out and maintain a fresh brand image.


Video content is at the centre of Facebook and Instagram’s strategy with the prediction that 80% of all content will be video by 2020. With this in mind, it’s crucial that video plays an integral part of your advertising strategy as its more cost effective than image ads in addition to providing more data for analysis and importantly retargeting further down the funnel.

If the budget or technical capability isn’t available to produce video content, look to aps which can turn static images in to video as an alternative or slideshow ads incorporating static images.


Facebook and their algorithms are constantly changing and as such, what worked as a strategy 12, 6 or even 1 month ago might not necessarily work today. Similarly, what works for one business/product could fail for another. To combat this, ensure you are regularly testing creative, copy, audiences, ad types etc until you find a combination that works on a consistent basis, providing a platform to scale sales and ROI.

We hope you found these tips useful on how to improve campaign performance for Facebook and Instagram advertising. Be sure to check out our next blog post where we will deep dive in to how to consistently scale your advertising campaigns.


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    Secrets to Facebook Advertising

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