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Scaling Brand Revenue From 5 to 7 Figures

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  • Scale Star Name Registry from a seasonal UK gifting company to a global gifting brand with month on month growth
  • As on all accounts, we begin with a digital marketing brand audit to include a website review, social and paid advertising strategy, creative strategy and existing sales funnel
  • Scale advertising spend to 6 figures monthly by targeting and having bespoke strategies for individual tier 1 countries
  • Promoting the ability to personalise your gift with an entry price point of £19.99 were at the core of our advertising strategy
  • Multiple ad accounts set to the countries time zone fast tracked scaling
  • A creative strategy that highlighted the act of giving and receiving a gift to make the all important emotional connection with the customer and evoke the sensation this act generates
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency

How We Achieved Results

Star Name Registry was growing by targeting key seasonal gifting events i.e. Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day etc. One of the first things we implemented was an aggressive evergreen advertising strategy to consistently scale growth in monthly revenue. Our strategy focused on widening out the gifting targeting parameters to include birthdays, graduations, weddings, newborns and all relevant gifting interests.

In addition we worked with the brand to make free worldwide shipping available which allowed SNR to scale to new geographical markets including Europe, USA and Australia. We had now achieved growth with regards to evergreen targeting options in addition to new global markets.

The advertising strategy focused on personalisation, there is no better gift than a personalised gift. Star Name Registry provided this opportunity in abundance in addition to the romance and uniqueness of having a star from the universe named after you. We highlighted this in all of our ads, creative and copy from cold to middle of funnel and retargeting as this was our main USP.

With products starting from £19.99 and including free shipping, we were able to offer a unique personalised gift that was extremely affordable and had mass appeal. Upsells at check out to higher end options resulted in purchases from £19.99 – £59.99 which helped with the average order value which came in at £46.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency


”Growth Marketing Agency took us from a small UK business to a world leading gifting brand in under 12 months. They helped us increase our average order value, fast tracking our ability to offer our free shipping model in countries we had only dreamed of operating in previously.”

We scaled Star Name Registry to a multiple 7 figure business by deep diving into their customer avatar and by understanding and communicating the emotions created by giving that someone special in your life a gift. Increasing the average order value and overall business profitability was also key to entering and growing new markets. 

As an agency, we went on a journey with Star Name Registry and what a ride it was, from 5 figures annually to a global multiple 7 figure business!

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