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  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation




  • Improve lead quality via improved qualifying procedure
  • Conversion rate optimisation testing to improve website conversion rate
  • Enhance lead quality while scaling volume with a combination of both in app & website lead forms
  • “Killer Creative” strategy helped to maintain Cost Per Lead
  • Apply weekly creative testing strategy to consistently discover winning creatives and offer combinations which can be transferred to scaling campaigns
  • Continually test advertising in new countries to find additional opportunities to grow and scale the brand
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency

How We Achieved Results

We worked closely with the FMO team on a creative and offer strategy that would resonate with customers desire’s of achieving financial freedom with Forex Trading.

New customers were introduced to the brand with free trial offers from the UK’s leading Forex Online Educational Platform. The incredible value from the free training provided the opportunity for customers to build their relationship with FMO through upsells to live events and additional paid online training courses.

Advertising content remained fresh with a weekly creative testing strategy centered around promoting benefits as opposed to features with clear and concise messaging which was easily understandable at a glance while scrolling through social media feeds.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value
Growth Marketing Agency
Forex Facebook Ads


“The team at Growth Marketing Agency helped scale our business to the next level with a massive spike in daily lead volume while crucially meeting key KPI’s with regards to both lead quality and cost per lead.

After the initial testing period in month one, performance consistently improved over time which provided the foundation to continue to scale the business globally into new territories.”

When you have a proven, winning product and offer combination, scaling to the next level is easily achievable through the implementation of our agency “scaling on autopilot framework” that consistently performs across various industries and niches.

Strategy fundamentals around CRO, creative testing, promoting benefits with clear messaging provided the foundations for Financial Markets Online to scale globally into new markets.

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