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  • Begin with a digital marketing brand audit to include a review of CRO, social and paid advertising strategy, creative strategy and existing sales funnel
  • Due to the long conversion window, an educational, non salesy strategy was deployed
  • Focus on custom design guitars which had higher AOVs
  • Creative focused on video content due to its ability to highlight both the visual and audio aspects of the product range
  • A typical customer will have questions before purchasing a high end guitar so we focused on initiating conversations with “Chat Now” and “Learn More” call to actions
Emerald Facebook Ad
Emerald Facebook Ad

How We Achieved Results

As part of our initial onboarding audit, it became clear the current website required CRO work with regards to improving conversion rate in addition to making the live chat and contact options more accessible to drive more traffic to start conversations.

Creative is key when selling a high end product and this was a focal point for the world’s leading manufacturer of handmade carbon fiber guitars with a price point from £2.5-£10k per guitar. We doubled down on a variety of interesting video content due to its ability to story tell, ranging from production, shipping and live gigs content, working closely with the in house videographer.

Emerald Guitar’s core market is the USA although the brand has a global appeal and customer base. After analysing sales by country, we ran targeted advertisements to the top 5 countries (mainly on Facebook due to the older customer demographic) as opposed to USA only which has been the previous strategy. This resulted in a wider reach which helped to grow the brand and customer base globally while fast tracking growth in core countries.

Prior to working with Growth Marketing Agency, Emerald Guitars had no real social media advertising strategy, they simply boosted posts. One of the strategic building blocks for any ecommerce brand is a retargeting strategy. With considerable website traffic and social media engagement, we implemented a “soft” retargeting strategy to keep customers engaged with relevant content. Due to the long conversion window, we opted for a non-salesy approach and only ran limited dynamic retargeting catalogue ads on people who had added to the cart.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency


”Growth Marketing Agency implemented a social media advertising strategy that fast tracked global growth for our brand across key performance indicators including sales, revenue and brand awareness. Specialist knowledge fast tracked performance which would have taken us years to achieve internally.”

By applying a social media advertising strategy which focused on educating customers through video content and driving sales by starting conversations, we were able to dramatically increase website traffic and enquiries while achieving record monthly and annual sales.

Working with iconic, world leading brands like Emerald Guitars makes our job a whole lot easier. We simply increased targeted traffic to the website, the sales team and quality of product did the rest!

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