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Scaling an Online Music Course

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Lead Gen for Online Music Courses


  • Develop an advertising campaign designed to scale webinar registrations
  • Achieve a target cost per registration at $2-3
  • Devise a video first creative strategy designed to educate & build desire using social proof
  • Transform the business from an annual online educational course to a weekly evergreen model
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency

How We Achieved Results

Advertising Strategy
We spent a lot of time developing the brand strategy for IMXL before ever thinking about any advertising.

Starting point was clarity on the big picture aims for the business – once we had established this, we reverse engineered a plan on how to get there!

Prior to working on this project, IMXL ran an extremely successful course model which had one intake per year for an intensive 6-9 month course.

Creative Strategy
– Video first
– Short form content – 30 seconds or under
– Highlight pain points around indie artists registering their music for TV & film
– Build authority with social proof – Deraj had music placed on Call of Duty, NBA, Netflix and was a leading authority in the industry
– Educate around webinar benefits – free road map to getting your music placed
– Call out the audience – indie artists
– Call To action – sign up to a value packed free webinar to learn how to get your music placed in TV & film plus a free Q&A!

We ran 2 main offers throughout this funnel.
The first offer was a simple “Free webinar” ad, designed for lead gen. Based on the data from testing, what we found to work best was to focus messaging on potential financial benefits achievable from licensing your music.

The second offer was a standard price discount/special offer strategy on the webinar for anyone who purchased on the day. We increased conversion rates by providing large percentage discounts and also adding the option of payment plans.

Communication is a massive part of the service we provide.
We held weekly strategy calls with Deraj and the team in addition to daily coms in Slack and Click Up.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency


“Declan and the team were dope!
We achieved record breaking month’s and transformed the overall business strategy from one course per year to driving revenue on a weekly basis with an evergreen course.
Testing was a massive part of the overall strategy but the real value in working with GMA was the knowledge and experience around advertising strategy as they became a growth partner for my business which i never expected. I thought they only ran ads!
Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Strategy was the key to success on scaling webinar leads for IMXL.
Before we spent a penny on ads, creative, messaging and offer were all dialed in. Testing initially on small budgets helped to facilitate scale and achieve target CPL which when combined with webinar conversion rates, resulted in an extremely profitable campaign.

Transitioning to an evergreen model provides massive scale for the business on both short and long term time frames.

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