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Scaling A Vegan Supplement Brand To 7 Figures

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  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising


Vegan Supplements


  • Use social media advertising to scale the acquisition of new customers to the brand
  • At checkout, upsell customers to a monthly subscription purchase
  • Focus on growing lifetime customer value through an incentivised subscription based model
  • Reduce barrier to entry with a Free Postage & Package offer
  • Shorten the conversion window with 60 softgels purchase starting at £22
  • Speak directly to and target the vegan audience through interest based targeting, ad copy and creative
  • Explain and educate customers on how omega 3 is naturally produced from algae and not fish through education based selling
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How We Achieved Results

Scaling revenue from 5 figures to 6 figures monthly is a very large jump. We achieved this through an aggressive scaling strategy on Facebook & Instagram with a focus on the 4 foundational pillars of offer, creative, copy and targeting.

With an average order value of £28, the entry to market for new customers was very low which fast tracked our ability to scale the monthly refill upsell offer at checkout. £1k per day CBO campaigns scaled effectively at a target CPA of £10-12 with a combination of vegan interests, broad targeting and LLA audiences from customer seed databases.

Nothing Fishy is a one product brand which helped with conversion rates of upwards of 5% with traffic being sent directly to the product page where customers had 2 simple options of a 60 or 120 softgels purchase.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value
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Growth Marketing Agency


“Growth Marketing Agency helped scale our business from £10k per month to multiple 7 figures per year. They killed it on the front end by acquiring new customers for our Vegan Supplement brand through paid social media advertising which meant we could switch out attention to focusing on growing lifetime customer value in the back end via our subscription based model.”

The summaries on most of the accounts we scale to industry leading results could be very similar in that the wins are a result of the time and hard work put into our testing framework where we identify winning creatives, copy and targeting combinations. The time spent here provides the foundations and framework to scale in the future.

Nothing Fishy’s product, offer, price point and website conversion rate all helped facilitate fast track scaling. Each purchased averaged a 3 month subscription which provided a lifetime customer value large enough to continue to scale and dominante the UK vegan supplement market.

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