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Scaling Dental Leads in Turkey

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  • Creative Strategy
  • Lead Generation


Dental Lead Generation


  • Generate leads for veneers and implants via digital advertising
  • Building out an efficient process from lead to CRM to call to close
  • Achieve target CPL by focusing on a strong offer around free consultation and cost savings
  • Apply our industry experience around advertising strategy to meet Dentist 4You KPI’s
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency

How We Achieved Results

Advertising Strategy
We applied our social advertising framework to Dentist 4You ads to include creative, offer and messaging. The free consultation with a dentist and the significant price savings available in Turkey formed the core messaging we wanted to communicate in both ad copy and creatives.

A combination of both in app lead forms on Facebook and website lead forms provided a mix of volume and quality. All leads were prequalified to ensure they met basic requirements around requiring and being interested in implants or veneers.

Creative Strategy
With the use of both dental and procedure specific images, it was relatively easy to call out our audience while making the offer clear and obvious.

Text overlay strategy was used on all creatives to promote the financial savings and offer available. We found a mixture of dental clinics and close ups of teeth performed the best as it made the offering clear and obvious.

As procedures were taking place in Turkey, we were able to promote the price savings available in addition to the free consultation & complete package which also included airport transfers and accommodation.

As Dentist 4You is an established dental brand in Turkey, we were also able to offer a 12 month guarantee/aftercare service which helped to build customer confidence.

Communication is one of the cornerstones of our agency and something we place a lot of emphasis on. We see ourselves as an extension of the clinic team vs a cold agency who sends a report everyday. We regularly

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency


“We were blown away from the results of our lead gen campaign, we had over 100 qualified leads in the first 14 days which was a massive increase for our dental clinic. Thanks to Declan and the team for delivering on what they promised.”

When you advertise a service like dental which has a natural high demand, combined with an appealing offer, the result is often massive scale like 100 qualified leads in the first 2 weeks. Running ads for Dentist 4You was the easy part, the key to growing their customer base was the sales process internally and the ability to turn leads into customers from the sales team.

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