Cute Nutrition

Discover The Secrets To Scaling A 7 Figure Supplement Brand Globally



  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing


Supplements, Weight Loss


  • Focus the majority of ad spend on Instagram in line with product/customer demographics
  • Leverage the power of video by focusing creative on product benefits/weight loss
  • Driving sales with email flows and SMS marketing
  • Multi platform marketing presence
  • Upsell strategy to increase both average order value and lifetime customer value

How We Achieved Results

The growth strategy focused on using various forms of paid media, mainly Instagram to grow and attract new customers to the brand. Due to the nature of the supplement and weight loss niche, we were quickly able to scale customer lifetime value via upsells with monthly offers across email and SMS marketing.

The global scaling paid social strategy was largely creative focused and featured a combination of influencers and existing customers using natural product explainer video’s shot on mobile phones. This style massively outperforms professional content as it looked like a normal post as opposed to an advertisement.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Customer Lifetime Value


“Growth Marketing Agency helped our brand scale to a 7 figure global business with a multi platform strategy centered around initial customer acquisition and maximizing customer lifetime value.”

The secret to scaling Cute Nutrition to 7 figures and indeed all brands is an integrated multi platform marketing approach that moves a cold prospect to a new customer who goes on to make multiple repeat purchases.

Find the best cold acquisition platform (in this case Instagram), and use it to scale cold customers with a back end strategy to build out and grow customer lifetime value.

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