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  • With a higher price point, we decided to focus on a video first creative strategy to better communicate features and benefits
  • Work closely with the in house creative team to facilitate a testing and scaling framework
  • Take customers through the sales funnel with multiple ads, touch points, creatives and messaging due to price point and a longer sales cycle/conversion window
  • Launch into new countries with small initial testing budgets to measure demand and opportunity while scaling where performance permitted
  • Due to the B2B niche product profile, initially focus on interest based targeting around core customer demographics/avatars
  • Aggressively scale winning ads with large daily advertising budgets to meet internal sales targets
  • Allocate majority of advertising budgets Monday-Friday as with the product being B2B, we found demand dropped on weekends
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency

How We Achieved Results

How We Achieved Results
The team broke all company sales records at target CPA with our help, while also expanding the brand internationally into new markets by following our tried and tested ecommerce scaling framework.

Advertising Strategy
Our overarching strategy for Moasure centered on communicating the fantastic benefits which the product offered to businesses in the landscaping and construction trades. Moasure could pay for itself on the first initial job such were the financial & time savings benefits around the ability to quickly and accurately measure shapes to calculate materials required and reduce typical wastage/profit margins.

With a higher price point, our experience told us customers would be unlikely to purchase after viewing one ad which highlighted the need to take users on a journey through an acquisition funnel. We focused 80% of ad spend on both top and middle of funnel ads with tight exclusions to ensure we were reaching new customers only.

Video view campaigns acted as an excellent first touch point as we could reach new customers.
We also spent a lot of time on the retargeting strategy to ensure we continued to communicate the benefits to anyone who had been in contact with the brand across a range of touch points and time frames.

Creative strategy was a massive part of this project and a key driver of success.
With Facebook ads, it’s one of the few opportunities you have to differentiate your brand and we achieved this with a video first strategy which focused on education.

We focused on short form content, typically 30 seconds or less with product action clips, text overlay, subtitles, bright colors and a bespoke thumbnail strategy. Each week we tested different concepts and ideas to identify new winning ads. It was also important to have localized accents in core countries to help with relevance i.e. testimonials from American customers would perform better in the USA vs the same ad featuring an English customer.

This formed the start of the main text and was also reinforced with the Headline/Hook copy.

Testing Framework
Testing is a core fundamental to success on any account but even more important on the Moasure account.
We worked with the creative team to have a weekly flow of new creatives to test across multiple countries. We tested new assets initially on low budgets to identify winning ads which we could then transfer into scaling campaigns with post IDs.

The performance of each ad was monitored and recorded in a reporting doc, we looked at hook rate, hold rate, CPC and CPA plus notes to provide feedback and help evolve creative strategy.

Moasure were able to achieve record breaking growth and scale internationally into new markets supported by our tried and tested ecommerce scaling framework.
80% of advertising budgets went to top of funnel ads where we tested with ABO campaigns and scaled using Advantage + and CBO. Advantage + performed strongly with a mature and seasoned pixel. Scaling campaigns in core markets including USA & Germany which we monitored closely using both data from Facebook & Hyros. The bully technique – high daily campaign budgets helped to bully competing brands out of the top converting audiences.

20% of ad spend was allocated to retargeting which consistently performed on a daily basis to help bring overall CPA closer to the agreed target.

Moasure don’t run sales or promotions so we achieved massive scale by communicating both customer and business benefits which centered on what people value most – time and money! People care more about how the product will benefit them vs features.

“Save time and money on your next job by only ordering the materials you need with accurate measurements from Moasure.”

This formed the start of the main text and was also reinforced with the Headline/Hook copy.

As an agency, we consider ourselves specialists in retargeting and allocate a lot of time to this part of the funnel as it consistently provides sales for the lowest CPA’s which continued to be the case with Moasure.

When spending a high amount daily on ads, you naturally have large audiences to retarget including video views, engagement and website traffic. With all accounts, we combine audiences and group based on time frames. We found the top performing custom audiences focused on shorter time frames from 1-30 days. Performance dropped on larger time frames as messaging became less relevant over time.

We regularly achieved very low CPA’s on retargeting ads. We achieved this by focusing on customer testimonials/product reviews which were awesome to build social proof while highlighting customer and product benefits.

On all our accounts, we chat to the team daily in slack in addition to weekly and monthly reporting updates which include Loom video walkthroughs to better explain strategy and plans moving forward.

Return On Ad Spend
Sales Increase
Growth Marketing Agency
Growth Marketing Agency


“Declan and the team at GMA joined us during a period of rapid growth when we lacked the dedicated resources to manage our paid advertising. After consulting with and working alongside several agencies with limited success, Declan not only succeeded but also quickly integrated into our team, becoming a trusted extension. We would have no hesitation in recommending Declan’s services and we thank him for his part in our growth .”

Mo Hussain – Co CEO of Moasure

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